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May 30, 2011

This is something I think is what makes blogs more interesting. If you have a hobby other than sitting on Facebook and Twitter than you should blog about it. I watched a movie a while back about a women that wanted to cook her way thru a cook book. She blogged about her progress and that story is the movie I watched.

I just recently did a search on Google for “cheap patio make over” I found a lot of suggestions but one blog caught my attention. Not so much for the patio idea then the whole blog and why it is to be. After looking over the blog for just a little while I learned about the couple and the reason behind the blog.

They where blogging about what they are doing to fix up their home but more than that they are giving, for free now. First hand advice as to how they did the things they are doing and what they found to work and not work. I really enjoyed their blog. I get nothing for this but here is a link to their blog

How is this a benefit? You can turn your blogging into money. Now you will not be selling anything you are doing, but with selling ad apace and placing Google ads you could make a few extra dollars a month to a nice living. I know the “YoungHouseLove” blog makes them a living. How do I know that, I watched a video on their blog where they are being interviewed on a news channel.

Blog and have fun. You just may find out that you are good at it. Or at least you can enjoy telling people about what you like to do.

To You Success,

Tim Kaelin

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