8 Minute Profits 2.0

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- No offline stuff
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Another great article from EzineArticle
There is a way to offer your product online and not be so aggravating. Put yourself in the newbies spot, what would you want to hear, how the product works, what will it do for you, is it going to solve a problem? I read all the time about how the newbie is at a loss for what to even look for. Why because they don’t know what they don’t know.
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Internet marketers are ignorant about the power of this social networking site. Actually the percentage of those people equal 95%. They will leave BIG Big Money on the table so to speak. The reason for this is that the members of this site are the wealthiest members of all social sites. For the shrewd marketer out there that knows how to take advantage of this site… well it could be a gold mind for them.
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(This is an article I wrote for EzineArticles back in Jan. Enjoy)

From time to time blog and web site designers overlook this very simple thing. People surfing the net need to know what your blog or web site is about. They are not going to scroll down your page unless you give them a reason to.
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Heat your blog up with great ideas and tips. Offer them for very little cost or even free but make sure they have value. Like this one, Create stunning eCovers. If you want to offer products that are very inexpensive try this site. You can sign up to be an affiliate. After clicking the Create Stunning eCovers banner below look for the affiliate link at the bottom of the page. Be sure to watch the video also.

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