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First off I must tell you that I am a consultant with the company. The information here is from me and another source.

I started with Rodan and Fields Dermatologists first to just make money. After I signed on I did not work the business. I wanted to see how the company worked. Each time the company had a special meeting I went. Not the small local ones. I went to the ones that had over 300 attendees. I wanted to see how they put on the event and handled challenges.

After getting an idea of how they worked (the company). I was pleased to see they did what was claimed. They are sticking to their primary mission of “Changing skin and Changing Lives? Not only did they present a new product that sold out way before they thought it would in 2013 (Over 4000 in attendance). They continued to improve and impress.

In September 2014 (over 8,000 in attendance) my wife and I went to the Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Corporate convention. They presented another new product “Acute Care” that as their slogan says “Fill a wrinkle while you sleep, No needle required. And they did not run out of product. They have only made the product available to consultants and existing preferred customers. Then in January 2015 it will be available to everyone.

Also at the convention several consultants where inducted into the “Million Dollar Circle Achievers” and two consultants into the “Five Million Dollar Circle Achievers” in Rodan+Fields!.

Now I want to give you another look at the success of Rodan and Fields Dermatologists company.
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The size of the global skin care market is in the billions. Yes that is with a “B” and that is more than millions! In 2012 The U.S. market was around 99.6 billion and in 2013 it was 105 billion. The U.S. market is estimated to grow upwards to 147 million by 2020. That is only 6 years away.
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