I recently read an article on career choices. My first thought was, it would be about choosing a specific career. How that career would later not fit you. But that is not what the article was about. It actually fit me and the way I do things and the decisions I make. Choices you make effect the future of YOU. When I first started a business I was like 10 years old. I began by trading cards selling doubles of what I had.

A good friend of mine was working with me and we would insult each other just having fun. One day he insulted me and I returned with an insult that was a direct hit to his soul. The young boy tiered up and walked away. Everything I had invested in that friendship and business associate was OVER. I was and still am a strong willed person with a very strong back bone. At the time I thought, what a week little boy, glad he is out of the way. As years went on I discovered his family had several athletic and successful people. What could have been a long friendship and business success for years to come, possibly? I crushed it to nothing in one unthoughtful comment. I think about that time a lot, which was 41 years ago. I do not dwell on it mind you, but use it as a reminder to keep my thoughts and mouth under control.

As time went on I can’t say I did a good job of that. In fact I kept opening my mouth and inserting foot time after time until I was in my late teens early 20′s. I decided that I needed to pick what I wanted and go for it. So I decided it was time to find someone and get married. At the same time I was working on that, I quit school, got a GED, and went to college. This is where my career choices started to kick in.

I made sure while in school I made contact with people that were making things happen. While going to college and getting married I was running an auto repair and auto salvage business. While making more contacts. I phased out the auto repair part of the business but used car parts made me the most money. The first child was coming so I sold all the cars and parts at one time and cleaned the back yard up for the kid and swing set. Notice this was a Career move, developing a young person to be someone. After all the cars and parts were sold I was out of business.

After being married for a little while and realizing I could not work for someone else I quit my job and started a business. This time the business was inside the house out of the weather and were I could spend time with my Son.

Remember the comment I made about getting more contacts? This is where they came into play, I called them all to promote my business. I started getting more leads and call backs from people that needed my services. By learning to keep my thoughts to myself and my mouth shut, things took off. Word got around about how successful I was and driving a Lincoln Town Car. People started contacting me to work with me, or help them in some way. I had fortune 500 companies calling me and I was not yet 30 years old. Now much older I have learned many lessons and have had the privilege to teach others.

I want to share the article I read… https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/career-choices-you-regret-20-bernard-marr
I do not know the writer but I thought it was a good read.

To you success,

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