The title says it all… watch out. Home based business can be fun. But what about all the hype on the Internet and all the talk about scams. Scams come with the territory you have to do your own homework to decipher what is and what is not a scam. Here is some good examples MLM, network-marketing, multi level, build a web site and make money, stuff envelopes and make a fortune…. I could go on but I am sure you get the point.

All of the things I mentioned and more can be scams and some are just that a scam. What makes a business opportunity a scam is the people behind them. One comment I like is that “It is some kind of pyramid scheme”. Some are and they are illegal because the last group of people in always loose. But most of all the person paying the money gets nothing in return equal in value to what they are spending. All they get is the hope some else comes in behind them.

The largest legal pyramid scheme out there and most of all of us are still in it or used to be in it. Are you ready for it… it is called corporate America. Just take a look at an organizational chart showing the president on down. The person at the bottom will never make what the president makes no matter how hard they work. No matter how many people they help bring into the company.

Now let’s talk about the home based business. If you start one that requires you do all the work you make all the money. But the down side of that is, if you get hurt and cannot work you are out of business. I know I have one of them.

You say what is the answer. Well are you sitting down? It’s like a bad word for most. Are you sure you want to know? HERE It is… MLM, network-marketing, multi level. Are you shocked? I was, and then I started to learn about the industry and why some companies fold and why people start and quit. Even two famous people have said this is the way to go. Donald Trump “When Donald Trump was asked on TV what he was going to do if he was to go bankrupt once again, his answer was simple. He said that he would get into a network marketing business.” and Robert Kyosaki “The Two Essential Reasons to Join a Network Marketing Business. Reason number one is to help yourself. Reason number two is to help others. If you join for only one of these two reasons, then the system will not work for you.”

Now here is what I have learned watching people in this type of business. The ones that say “it did not work for me it is a scam.” Had bad leadership or the business was just not for them. It could have been the product was not something that they really had any interest in. I am going to tell you about two real people but not their names.

The quitter… She had every intention of building a business and went to the meetings and promoted the product. I was at one of the meetings she was at. A potential new business prospect was in the room. The group started a general conversation and the person I am referring to here spoke up and said “I cannot afford to do that the product is too expensive.” Not what you want someone to say if they are supposed to be promoting the company and product right! I could not figure out why this came out of here mouth. Cost of any product is relative to everyone. Later after I found out she had quit, and watching postings on her Facebook page I concluded she wanted to be a grandmother more than anything and spend all of her time with the grand kid/s. This is perfectly OK. Some people quit for other reasons.

The non-quitter no matter what. She grew up riding the family business truck to and from school. It was a trash hauling truck. After school she worked in the family business. Later she went to beauty school to get away from that business. Sometime later she was offered a spot in a ground floor opportunity to work with a company making bread. She absolutely said no, turned down the offer. The company later became Panera Bread. Later she was offered another opportunity to work with two women that are known around the country for their supper successful business Proactiv (the acne med). These two women SOLD proactive, later started a new company. She jumped on board and 5 years (now 2015) later, she is about to retire. She wanted to quit at first and decided to give it a shot and worked it like a business. She did not plan to get rich quick but just make enough money for he entire family to go on a vacation. Pretty nice for just wanting a few extra bucks.

Here are the two ladies talking about that business.

If you would like to know more about this company you can look at it here. and the products at hope you enjoy the sites.

I have been in business for myself for over 25 years. I have generated over a million dollars in cash flow. Helped hundreds of people move forward in their ventures whether it be careers working for someone else or start a business. Hope this post has been helpful.

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